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Teen Boys Eat More Protein Than They Need

Teenage boys are hungry. They eat a lot of food. And, it turns out, according to research reported in The New  York Times, teenage boys eat too much protein. What do the experts recommend? The answer probably won’t surprise you. Teenage boys, like the rest of us,...

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The Snack as Mini-Meal Mistake

Thinking about snacks as mini meals is a mistake.  A big one.  It teaches kids bad snacking habits. Don’t get me wrong, the mini-meal ideal would be a wonderful thing.  It would provide a delicious and healthy snack. But honestly, who gives their kids snack mini-meals...

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“Do No Harm” Snacking

Before you start searching for healthy snack ideas, answer the following question. What is a healthy snack?  Is it primarily defined by: The presence of “good” nutrients? The absence of “bad” nutrients? If my experiences and observations are anything to go on, most...

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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

I’m always writing about the idea that it doesn’t matter what your kids eat.  What matters is how often your kids eat it.  Whatever it is. And now, the National Institute of Health is stealing my idea!  Those government-guys didn’t just steal my idea, they improved...

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Polly Want a Cracker?

School started in earnest last week and while most people are focused on the quality of food in the cafeteria, I’m obsessed with snacks. Since when do all kids, even 9 year olds, need a daily morning snack? And when did it become standard for that snack to be a...

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The Snack Attack

The snacking news is grim: Studies show there’s been a steep increase in snacking among the general population.  Between 1977 and 2002, the percent of Americans who eat 3 or more snacks per day increased to 42% from 11%. Of course, some people advocate we eat 6 small...

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