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DINA ROSE, PhD is a sociologist, parent educator and feeding expert empowering parents to raise kids who eat right.

About Dina Rose, PhD

Dina Rose has a PhD in sociology from Duke University and more than fifteen years’ experience in teaching and research. For parents who want to feed their kids right, Dina leverages a unique combination of expertise as a sociologist and a mother to help parents solve their kids’ eating problems by focusing on the root of the problem—eating habits, not nutrition.

Dina's approach, known as #RoseHabits, shows parents how to change the conversation from nutrition to habits. Her techniques help parents teach their toddlers (and older children!) the healthy habits they'll need for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Dina's passion for teaching children healthy eating habits bloomed in 2001 when her daughter was born. After her mother’s premature death from obesity-related illnesses at the age of 65, Dina knew she wanted to give her daughter a better—and happier— food-life. All moms want their kids to eat well, but for Dina, the issue was critical. Dina began researching the topic, systematically observing and interviewing parents.  Now she has made a career out of sharing what she’s learned. 

Like so many babies, Dina’s little bundle of joy delighted in eating all kinds of food—for a while.  Then, she learned how to say, “no” and “I don’t like it,” and “I don’t want that.”  Sound familiar?  What had been a simple and joyful task—providing her daughter with healthful foods—became a struggle.  So Dina put on her sociologist’s hat to find the solutions.  But, as Dina emphatically says, “It was my role as Mom that taught me how to implement what I was researching and learning.” 

That’s why parents respond to her message. Dina lets parents know she understands their goals and their day-to-day stresses. Dina sees solutions that haven’t occurred to them yet, and she stands by parents as they implement workable changes.  Dina also helps parents embrace a broader vision, one that goes beyond feeling more confident. Dina tells parents: Not only can you feed your children nutritiously, but you can teach them to eat right forever

Dina has helped thousand of parents teach their kids to eat right through workshops, individual consulting, her blog It’s Not About Nutrition and her book, "Its Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating. Most parents know what their children should eat, but have trouble putting this knowledge into practice. Dina offers parents the relief they need: practical, research-based strategies so they can stop struggling and start succeeding.