The Super Food Explorer Kit ELIMINATES Picky Eating

Dina Rose Happy Bite CompanyThe Super Food Explorer Kit puts proven research into practice. The kit encourages children to experiment with different foods and develop a “database” of food information they can use to figure out what a food will be like before they taste it. The kit includes 60 discovery activities and all the tools children need to confidently and joyfully inspect, examine, probe, rattle, sniff, slurp and, ultimately eat new foods.

All Kids Can Become Adventurous Eaters

Each Kit includes:
32x Magnifying Glass
Child-Sized Tongs
Eye Droppers
Mini Cups
Tasting Spoons
Exploration Tray
Colored Pencil Kit
60 Discovery Activities
Specialized Vocabulary List
Color Chart
Discovery Food List
Laminated Discovery Card
Progress Chart
Insulated Carry Bag

Exclusive Access to the Super Food Explorer’s Club

Member benefits include 20 downloadable resource sheets that answer your Most Frequently Asked Questions, NEW Exploring Activities, How-To sheets, Personalized Discovery Lists, a video sharing the 3 Secrets to a Successful Start. These valuable resources ensure your Explorer will want to discover new foods. Access to the Super Food Explorer’s Club is only available to Super Food Explorer Kit Owners.


How the Kit Works
Engages kids of all ages- from toddlers to teens
Works like a science project, enabling children to explore food confidently
Develops a “database” of food experiences through Discovery Reports
Helps kids predict what foods will be like before tasting them
Grows confidence around trying new things through sensory experimentation
Inspires kids with 60 activities for any kind of food, including their favorites
Excites children to use the kit’s child-sized tools and personalized discovery lists to explore
Builds trust that kids will not be required to eat new foods, just explore them

Building trust around new foods takes time. With practice—and a little patience—every child can learn to be an eager food explorer.

The Super Food Explorer Kit is designed to travel. Use it at home, in the park, in restaurants and at grandma’s house, even on family trips. If you’re using the Super Food Explorer Kit in your classroom, the Kit is the bridge educators and parents need to build an effective partnership so all children have a happy, healthy relationship with food. Parents- ask your child’s school or pre-school about incorporating this program into their curriculum. Institutional kits and pricing are available. Contact [email protected] for further information.

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