Do you have a child who doesn’t seem to eat at all!  No matter what you serve? (Except sweets and treats of course.)

white plate with almost all the food on it eatenA lot of people have this problem, and the solution is entirely counter-intuitive: give your child less food.

I’m not suggesting that you starve your kid, or play some version of chicken where you call their bluff about how much food they really need.  But some children will eat more when presented with less.

Most parents try to solve the situation by “fixing” the food — they search for recipes that are appealing and present food in shapes that are enticing – when the problem is rarely located there. 

Change how you interact with your child around food and you’ll change how much they eats.

Note: Some kids have difficulty chewing or swallowing. If you suspect this is a problem, have your child evaluated.

Why does less work? It depends on why your child eats this way.

  • Some kids get overwhelmed by the sheer task of eating.
  • Other kids are embroiled in a control struggle.
  • Still others just aren’t that hungry.

Experiment with what will seem extreme to you in regard to portion size…

Don’t be afraid to experiment with really small portions to make the point in the beginning and release the pressure for your child – you will always have more food on hand to add to their plate so they will definitely not starve but allow them the permission to keep it really simple with just a few things on their plate and see how they respond. 

Try a big plate and a small portion.  If your child remarks upon the change, casually tell them that they don’t seem to want more food but that they can always ask for more if they’re hungry. Child with hands in a gesture indicating something small

The big plate along with the small portion changes the perception and makes dinner time feel less over facing and more manageable.

Keep with it, giving your child enough time to adjust to the new situation and be patient – if they do not immediately start asking for more they will not starve and just imagine how good it will feel the first time you hear the words, “more please.”

Change won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you’re consistent…

Parents who practise this consistently see their childs volume of eating slowly increase naturally at the childs own pace without the usual stressful control battle at the dinner table.

Giving children that large plate with very little on it really does seems to change their perspective and break their cycle of refusing to eat.


~Discover your families own path to healthy eating happiness~