What has become the typical for kids in our country?Japanese school lunch box

Hot dogs, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Nuggets and Pizza right?!

Maybe, but check out this Japanese school lunch. Not a nugget in sight!

In addition to milk and rice — common favorites amongst U.S. kids — this meal contains the following:

Braised burdock root, vegetable fish-paste cake and miso soup with seaweed and mushrooms.

I guess there is no such thing as kids’ food.

Canadian schoolteacher Julie Furber, who works in Okinawa, Japan, and blogs as The Misadventures of MissKitty posted a whole week of school lunches.  

Look what gets offered for dessert! I kid you not. Fish.

I’m not suggesting you start filleting trout for a treat, but I am suggesting you reconsider your beliefs about what kids eat and enjoy.

Kids eat — and enjoy —  what they’re exposed to the most! 

If you start expecting your kids to like a wider variety of foods, you’ll offer a wider variety of foods, and if you do it long enough, they’ll end up eating a wider variety of foods too.

When you only expose your kids to kids’ food that’s what they prefer. It’s all a system.

Here is the rest of the one-week menu:big bowl of miso soup

Monday: ¼  orange slice, milk, mackerel filet in a yuzu citrus and miso sauce, white rice and kenchinjiru (a clear soup with tofu and vegetables).

Tuesday: milk, mashed Okinawan purple sweet potato, white rice cooked with barley, oyakodon (rice bowl dish with chicken, egg, green onion and simmered in a sauce).

Wednesday: milk, almonds, banana mincemeat cutlet, nikomi udon noodles in miso sauce.

Friday: milk, tartar sauce, boiled vegetables, breaded deep-fried fish filet, hamburger bun, and pumpkin soup.

Do you think there are Japanese moms out there complaining that their kids won’t touch the hot dogs they’ve prepared?

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Julie Furber’s blog: https://juliefurber.blogspot.com/