Halloween Buy-Backs have been all the rage this year, so let’s look at it from a different angle

I encourage you to think about swapping the idea of of buying your children’s candy back with money, toys, or other non-consumables for offering to buy back the candy with … more candy. Not just any candy, though, better candy.

Yup, here me out… Instead of trying to de-candify Halloween why not up the ante and allowed children to swap any candy they don’t absolutely LOVE for candy they adore.

Volume is the Halloween problem “poster-child.”Huge stash of candy and chocolate

The central food-message of Halloween has got to be gluttony (or is it greed?). Sometimes you even see kids use pillowcases to lug around their loot! And the buy-back programs bring a level of sanity to the situation by reducing the sheer tonnage.

The buy-back programs, however, don’t do much to teach kids a general strategy for surviving other situations where there’s also an onslaught of sweets and treats.  That’s a lesson they (and if we’re honest we) really need to learn. After all, kids still have to navigate past Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday parties, the drugstore candy aisle and, of course, Grandma’s house. (And I don’t know about any buy-backs for those occasions.)

The “hidden” problem with Halloween is that it teaches kids to eat what they have, not what they want.

Even for children that aren’t candy fiends and their Halloween stash will last a long time the candy bag will be the go to place for candy treats for a while as most parents will not bother to buy more if there’s an abundance in the house which will inevitably mean that the choice is to go for whatever is in the Halloweens left overs. And therein lies the problem.

You can only be truly satisfied by eating foods you love.  Unfortunately, Halloween teaches kids to eat what they get. It’s a kind of scarcity-response, even in the face of abundance.

candy of candied love heartsEat what you LOVE, not what’s available.

If there were ever a message that kids needed to learn, this is it.

Instead, the real Halloween lesson goes something like this: eat as much candy as you can even if you don’t like it that much.

And if you have a kid who doesn’t get candy that often, the message goes something like this: you better take advantage of this candy because you’re not getting a lot more of it in the near future.

You might be surprised when your child sorts their candy to find out how few items will make the cut when what they truly prefer is on offer in exchange

You may even find that your child will choose to exchange for less than they give away which is a magnificent learn in regards to quality over quantity!

It’s so much better to know that whatever the quantity your child will be making a conscious choice about what they are eating rather than just gorging themselves on whatever is in front of them. Let’s face it that a lifetime healthy eating habit that most of us adults would benefit from particularly around the holidays.

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