Do you focus so much on trying to care for your child by getting them to eat well that you are making them and yourself miserable, frustrated and exhausted?  

When we concentrate too much on the thing we are trying to improve and forget the ultimate outcome which is inevitably to increase the quality of life for ourselves and our children, a life in which all family members feel great and enjoy themselves immensely!

Raising happier and healthier eaters comes from finding our way to make eating things that serve our health the ‘fun’ choice and part of a joyful life otherwise they will resent our encouragement.

At Its Not About Nutrition we are passionate about every family finding their own unique way to be healthier and happier in every way!

We might know all about nutrition but unfortunately that doesn’t always translate to our children and those we love eating well and taking care or even making the right choices for ourselves. 

It’s Not About Nutrition is a research based forum designed to give you as parents quality resources and tools that help you gently and compassionately learn more beneficial patterns of behavior for yourself and therefore your children in order for you, your child and your whole family to enjoy and appreciate one another and live a truly delicious life.

Yelling, begging, bribing, giving up, worrying, wishing, beating yourself up, feeling not good enough etc… is not creating a better life for you and your family so let’s look how to make life easier and sooooo much more fun in a way by making small and lasting adjustments that resonate with you uniquely!

We encourage you to really think about what you want the big picture of your lives and the lifetime of healthy habits you wish to learn and gift to your children as you browse all the amazing ways you can get there as a family within the pages of this site and remember to be kind and go easy on yourself…you’re doing great and you are not alone x