It’s getting kids to eat what parents serve that causes so many problems.

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DINA ROSE, PhD is a sociologist, parent educator and feeding expert empowering parents to raise kids who eat right.

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Keynote Speeches/Parent Workshops/Educator Trainings/ Pediatric Grand Rounds Presentations

"Most grand rounds are educational…the intent is always outcome driven….to reinforce current practice parameters; promote ideas in anticipation of change; change behaviors. Very few grand rounds approach being transformational in terms of a paradigm switch….your grand rounds was in this latter category."

David Turkewitz, MD, Chair Pediatrics York Hospital, Past President Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatrics 


Each inspiring and informative program is customized to speak directly to your group's goals. Dina has a warm and down-to-earth speaking style that is fun and informative, and her research-based programs are packed with practical take-home strategies that participants can immediately use at home or at work.

Parent Workshops

A simple mindshift—from focusing on nutrition to shaping habits—can transform the way children eat. It's almost impossible to succeed at nutrition-based parenting because nutrition is complicated and nuanced and it's always changing.  Moreover, nutrition is about food but eating is about behavior.

Shifting from nutrition to habits fixes everything.  It changes how kids eat, how parents and children interact around food, and it changes how well prepared children are for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Avoid the Pizza-Pasta-Nugget-Hot Dog Diet with Three Simple Habits.
  • How to Introduce New Foods … So Your Kids Will Actually Eat Them!
  • Surviving the Holiday with Your Kids' Healthy Eating Habits Intact.
  • When You're Not There: Bringing Caregivers, Grandparents & Others Onboard with Your Feeding Plan.
  • Successful Strategies for When the Pediatrician Wants Your Child to Gain (or Lose) Weight

There are no sample menus to memorize, and no portions to measure, just a method for making food and eating choices that can be used with different children, at different times and in different situations.  In other words, Dina's workshops give you a realistic plan for living in the real world. 

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Professional Development Seminars

More and more parents are turning to the professionals in their lives for advice on how to feed their children correctly. If you're one of those professionals, though, you know that while you may have learned about nutrition while you were in school, your education didn't prepare you for the task at hand: empowering parents with the skils they need to shape their children's eating habits. (You also may be wondering how to squeeze this task into an already-packed schedule.)

Dina's Professional Development Seminars give pediatricians, dieticians, family therapists, early childhood educators and other professionals the tools to identify and implement core changes families can make so they stop struggling and start succeeding. Dina brings you insights from recent advances in nutrition, parenting, food psychology and sociology and the best practical strategies to use.

Learn why The Habits Perspective is so powerful, how families untintentionally produce (and reproduce) bad eating habits, why parents systematically misunderstand (and misapply) your advice and simple, practical changes you can make in your practice today.

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Corporate Events

Today's corporate focus is on workforce wellness, but how well children eat should be a corporate concern too.

Childhood eating-related health and obesity issues impact the workplace in 4 ways: 

  1. Direct payments for child healthcare.
  2. Lost productive time when caregivers are absent or tardy.
  3. Caring for sick children is a source of distraction and interruption for working parents.
  4. Employers are at risk of inheriting a future workforce with a high prevalence rate of obesity and early manifestations of obesity-related conditions.

Consider hosting monthly or quarterly lunch-and-learn sessions during which your employees can learn successful strategies for teaching kids the habits they need for a lifetime of healthy eating. 

Workshop topics can be customized to meet your goals.

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Forget the formal talk.  Sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned Q&A session. At Gabfests you and your friends set the agenda in the comfort of your own home.  Kind of like a Tupperward Party, only more useful!

At Gabfests you get 1½ hours of talk, tips and techniques. These sessions really dish it out. Kids welcome.

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Parent Coaching

This service is for you if you desire individualized attention, privacy and convenience.  This option includes:

  • 90 minute initial assessment and action plan + 30 minute follow-up.
  • Individual report including summary of discussion and all recommendations.
  • Option for ongoing support.

Stop struggling and start succeeding.  Learn to...

  • Deliberately and consciously shape your children's eating habits.
  • Identify why your children eat the way they do.
  • Manage events as they happen so unexpected treats don't ruin your plans.
  • Use taste and texture to teach your kids to eat a wide variety of foods.
  • Avoid the 3 most common ways parents inadvertently teach bad eating habits.
  • Teach your children how to try new foods.
  • Identify how your parenting style influences your children's eating.
  • Solve eating problems that arise at different developmental stages.
  • Know what to do instead of bribing and begging your kids to eat.
  • Consciously shape your children's relationships to food.

Dina's Coaching Fees  

  • 60 Minute Session: $125
  • 30 Minute Session: $75

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What People Say About Working with Dina

"I was at your presentation for babybites a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you I thought it was fabulous. It was really interesting to hear how you think about these things -- I thought you were incredibly smart in your insights and your presentation. I work in the food world and am raising kids and have thought a ton about healthy eating and healthy habits and etc, but you really gave me lots of new things to think about and I really appreciated it! Fabulous work, really." —— Molly W.

"I would like to say thank you again for your participation in our Pediatric Grand Rounds. Your Grand Rounds presentation was extremely well received by the audience, as reflected by the verbal feedback and written evaluations received." -- Bill Bernstein, MD, Chief, Division of General Pediatrics & Pediatric Education, The Children's Hospital at Saint Peter's University Hospital.

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