It’s getting kids to eat what parents serve that causes so many problems.

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DINA ROSE, PhD is a sociologist, parent educator and feeding expert empowering parents to raise kids who eat right.

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Dina, I love your site. It is SO helpful to me, in my *new improved* attitude toward feeding my family. I only found your site a couple weeks ago, and I'm crazy about it. I've always felt like I should be doing a better job presenting my kids with *real* food, but not sure how to go about it, and with getting flack about what I don't want them to eat from family/friends--it's so hard to counter all the marketing and general perception that processed, packaged, sugary food is ok because it's made especially for kids. Now I feel so empowered with your solid information and a PLAN. My husband and I have always enjoyed home cooking and now I'm so inspired to keep it up. I went home the other day and had my girls (1 and 3.5) do a "carrot experiment" -- they helped me prepare steamed carrots and then doctor them up with different toppings and tell me which they liked best (parmesan cheese won hands down). Score one for carrots! We also made peachy yogurt with pureed peaches and plain yogurt, and they loved mixing it themselves! So thank you ever so much.

- Deborah N.