It’s getting kids to eat what parents serve that causes so many problems.

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DINA ROSE, PhD is a sociologist, parent educator and feeding expert empowering parents to raise kids who eat right.

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We've been using your tips for trying veggies and new foods for about six months. Our three year old is asked to try (touch, lick, smell, nibble) on a regular basis. Tonight was brocolli. He said he didn't want it but I asked him to try it. He said he'd touch it. He reported it felt soft as he rubbed it on his lips. I said yeah it does feel soft when it's cooked. Then he proceeded to nibble it...and then ate it! My husband and I gave each other air high fives. So much easier than the alternatives.

-Grace S.


Most grand rounds are educational…the intent is always outcome driven….to reinforce current practice parameters; promote ideas in anticipation of change; change behaviors. Very few grand rounds approach being transformational in terms of a paradigm switch….your grand rounds was in this latter category.

- David Turkewitz, MD, Chair Pediatrics York Hospital, Past President Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatrics


It has been several months since you advised me on how to educate my son to not throw food. I want you to know that your advice was spot on. For many months now, we've actually enjoyed meal time and there is less mess to cleanup!!  You got to the root of the problem which was teaching my son to communicate (in a different way) that he's all done with his food. Before I spoke to you, I thought he was throwing food for fun with no reason behind it. You made me see the light. 

- Cindy


I just wanted you to know that I love your blog and love all the brilliant insight you share.  I am a pediatric endocrinologist and quite literally spend half of my day talking to families about food. Your blog has been shaping the way I give counsel to my patients. Thanks for sharing!

-Toni K.


Thank you for another outstanding teleclass!  You are such a wonderful, inspiring and well-spoken speaker.  It's really an honor doing these with you.

- Heather Ouida, Co-Founder Mommybites


I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement and thanks.  I have used the information on your site both personally and professionally.  The tips and advice you provide are so helpful to many of the parents I work with. I am referring some families to your workshop in March.  Thank you for the work you do.

- Laura K., LCSW


Dina Rose of "Its Not About Nutrition" provides a fresh and unique way of helping parents teach their children to have a healthy relationship with food and develop life long healthful eating habits.  I hosted Dina's talk last night for the first time and have been raving all day to friends and family about her philosophy and approach.   She teaches -- in an honest, real and no nonsense way -- that kids' eating habits and behaviors have a lot to do with factors other than what we as parents usually think about, and how we can really help them develop good eating from an early age.  Her presentation is so effective because she genuinely understands what real life parents experience at the dinner table, and she offers practical solutions and information in a clear way and with warmth and humor.  I would highly recommend that every parent and grandparent attend one of her workshops.

- Chana Balk, Brooklyn BabyBites


Hi Dina! I was at your presentation for babybites a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you I thought it was fabulous. It was really interesting to hear how you think about these things -- I thought you were incredibly smart in your insights and your presentation. I work in the food world and am raising kids and have thought a ton about healthy eating and healthy habits and etc, but you really gave me lots of new things to think about and I really appreciated it! Fabulous work, really.

- Molly W.


Dina, I love your site. It is SO helpful to me, in my *new improved* attitude toward feeding my family. I only found your site a couple weeks ago, and I'm crazy about it. I've always felt like I should be doing a better job presenting my kids with *real* food, but not sure how to go about it, and with getting flack about what I don't want them to eat from family/friends--it's so hard to counter all the marketing and general perception that processed, packaged, sugary food is ok because it's made especially for kids. Now I feel so empowered with your solid information and a PLAN. My husband and I have always enjoyed home cooking and now I'm so inspired to keep it up. I went home the other day and had my girls (1 and 3.5) do a "carrot experiment" -- they helped me prepare steamed carrots and then doctor them up with different toppings and tell me which they liked best (parmesan cheese won hands down). Score one for carrots! We also made peachy yogurt with pureed peaches and plain yogurt, and they loved mixing it themselves! So thank you ever so much.

- Deborah N.


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website- both as a new mom and a food industry professional. I think your site and upcoming book do a great service and fill a void.

- Erica R.